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Hair Extensions

Application Methods

Picking the right hair extensions for you can be hard, that's why I offer a free in salon consultation, to discuss all the possibilities of getting you your dream mermaid mane! We will colour match you and although the guide above can help you towards your decision, I will guide you on what method I think is best for the desired outcome. Custom colouring is also available, so feel free to ask about this at your consultation.


A wide track of hair attached in rows using the mirco ring method to hold the hair in place using your own hair, or the more popular LA Weave method, a stronger sewn in technique. LA Weave is not recommended for fine/thin hair.

Application can take 2-3 hours depending upon your own hair and thickness.

With care and regular re positioning of rings they can last up to 2-4 months. 



Micro Rings

Individual 1g strands attached all around the head using micro ring beads. Recommended for thicker hair types. Can be used for extra length, thickness or both.

Application can take 2-3 hours

With correct maintenance micro ring hair extensions can last from 3-5 months.. Natural hair has oil from the scalp 'feeding' the hair keeping it supple, soft and shiny



Nano Rings

Individual 1g strands attached all around the head using small and very discrete nano ring beads. Recommended for most hair types. Can be used for extra length, thickness or both.

Application can take anywhere from 4-6 hours based on the hair they are being applied to.

As long as the hair is not excessively oily or soft the rings will secure perfectly.

When cared for at home and with regular maintenance nano rings can last between 2-4 months.



Price List

All Hair extension appointments include application, cut, blend and style.

Weft Extensions

Micro Rings

Nano Rings


Individuals :

100g - £60

120g-180g - £70

200g - £80

Weft : £20 per row

Tapes :

120g - £70

160g - £75

200g - £80


Individuals / Tapes - £30

Weft - £15

To enquire, you can contact us via social media, or calling 0151 345 6970
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